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Get an overvirew of the weather in peru in the table below, You can also read more about Peru's climate.


See the vaccine recommendations for this tour

Below you will find an overview of the vaccinations recommended for travel to Per.
Short trip, under 3 weeks, to tourist areas hepatitis A -diphtheria / tetanus -yellow fever
Travel over 3 weeks, in addition Typhus -evt. hepatitis B
Longer stays, in addition: hepatitis B -evt. rabies (dog madness) - tuberculosis
COVI - 19 3 Vaccines

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  • Day 1 - Departure from Norway. Arrival Lima in the evening local time.

    Departure from Norway Arrival Lima in the evening local time There you will be met at the airport and driven to the hotel Accommodation Lima.

  • Day 2 - We visit the famous water park in Lima.

    After breakfast there will be a city tour in Lima. In the evening we visit the famous the water park in Lima. Accommodation Lima.

  • Day 3 - We travel to Cusco.B

    oday we travel to Cusco Transport from the hotel to the airport Fly Lima - Cusco and the trip takes 1h 10 min There you will be met by a guide who does one private transport to the Urubamba valley about 1h 30min I think it's better to spend the night downstairs Urubamba Valley for it is located lower one Cusco which is located at 3400 masl. Urubambadalen is located at 2900 masl Accommodation Urubamba Valley.

  • Day 4 - Urubamba Valley with a visit to the market in Pisac.B,L,D

    Today there will be a trip in the urubamba valley with visit to the market in Pisac and the famous Incas ruins of Ollantaytambo. You will have a guide with you throughout the trip New accommodation in the Urubamba Valley.

  • Day 5 - Train to Machu Picchu.B,L,D

    Early start to take the train to Machu Picchu. Bus up to Machu Picchu with a guided tour. In the afternoon, the train leaves Aguas Calientes a Ollantaytambo Transfer from Ollantaytambo train station to Cusco with private transport Accommodation Cusco.

  • Day 6 - Visit the famous Inca ruins Sacsayhuaman.B,L

    In the morning there will be a city tour We will visit the famous Inca ruins Sacsayhuaman, quence, puka puqara vi visit the Eight Cathedral in Cusco and not at least the Qoricancha Sun Temple. In the afternoon there is free time Accommodation Cusco.

  • Day 7 - We put in a day off here in Cusco.B

    We are taking a day off here in Cusco. Accommodation Cusco.

  • Day 8 - Cusco to Puno by bus.B

    Transport from the hotel to the bus station Today we travel from Cusco to Puno by bus approx 9h on the bus it is with an English speaker guide, we stop at some tourist sites and one stop to eat a lunch buffet. This is an ott trip that I recommend. Transport from the bus station to the hotel. Accommodation Puno.

  • Day 9 - Full day trip to Lake Titicaca.B,L,D

    Today will be a full day trip out to Lake Titicaca. First you visit the outlying islands of Urus. So take the boat on to the island of Taquile. There you go up to the top of the little one the village where we will have lunch. We will have an ott view of Lake Titicaca from there. After lunch you go down to the boat and then travelback to Puno. Accommodation Puno.

  • Day 10 - Flight from Puno (Juliaca) to Lima.

    Flights from Puno (Juliaca) to Lima Late night y Lima - Buenas Aires.

  • Day 11 - Arrival early mother gen Buenos Aires.

    Arrival early morning Buenos Aires. City tour in the afternoon Buenos Aires, South America's second largest city. This is the tango's home town. After lunch we will have a guided out week Buenos Aires historic downtown. Here we get to see some of the buildings in colonial style and gets to know Argentinas history. The congress is called Casa Rosada, which means the pink house. We get to see the city cathedral and other important buildings in the central parts of the city. In the evening it is possible to join one enchanting tango show. Accommodation Buenas Aires.

  • Day 12 - Free day in Buenas Aires.

    Here we put in a day off in Buenas Aires. There are many things to do in BA you can visit the Boca juniors district or grab one shopping trip, there are organized shopping trips and it's cheap with brands here. Accommodation Buenas Aires.

  • Day 13 - Iguazu

    Transport from the hotel to the airport Fly to Buenos Aires In the afternoon we join it Brazilian side of the waterfalls. The walk here gives us a complete overview of the waterfalls with their huge water volumes and we will look over to it Argentine side. In the middle of this beautiful nature reveals one of the world's eighth waterfalls seg. Accommodation Iguazu.

  • Day 14 - Full day excursion to the Argentine side of the Iguazu Falls.

    Today is a full day week for it Argentine side of the Iguazu Falls. Here we pass through a national park with subtropical vegetation and rainforest with huge trees with vines. We can see butterflies in many colors, different bird species, and other individuals from the realm fauna. We join a walk around them lower parts and get to see some of the many small falls. Furthermore, we get one panoramic views of the Brazilian side of the falls, and there will be a train ride through the rainforest. Finally, we walk out on one metal bridge that goes all the way to the end where it the biggest waterfall starts, the devil's neck. as it is called. Here you almost get the feeling of being inside the waterfall, and this is where Iguazu- the falls emerge from their most powerful, and perhaps most beautiful site. Transport back to the hotel about the afternoon. Overnight Iguazu.

  • Day 15 - Arrival Santiago.

    Transport from the hotel to the airport Fly Iguazu? Good air Good air? Santiago Arrival Santiago Transport from the airport to the hotel Accommodation Santiago .

  • Day 16 - Full day excursion to Valparaiso.

    All day out week to Valparaiso. Returns to Santiago in the afternoon Accommodation Santiago.

  • Day 17 - Concha y Toro Winery

    Half-day trip to the winery Concha y Toro.Here there will be tastings of wines and tour of one of the most famous winemakers in Chile. Accommodation Santiago.

  • Day 18 - Transport from the hotel to the airport.

    Transport from the hotel to the airport.


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