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14 Day 13 Night
31 Mars -22 April

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2900 USD

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This is the trip for the active who wants to join the speed and excitement in Peru. Here you have a bit of cycling, rafting and not least zip-lining, which is a bit of an adrenaline rush. You also walk through beautiful nature to reach Machu Picchu. Down to the jungle flat and high up on Lake Titicaca.

Today we´ll fly back to Lima and we´ll stay here overnight.

Today we´ll travel to Cusco by plane. You´ll be picked up from the hotel and driven to the airport from where there will be a short one hour flight to Cusco. Once in Cusco we´ll meet with a guide that will transport us to the Urubamba Valley. It will be a one hour and thirty minute drive there. We´ll stay overnight in the Urubamba Valley as it’s at a lower altitude than Cusco.

Today the main event is an excursion to the Urubamba Valley. First we will visit the town of Pisac. The town is known for its beautiful market where you will be able to buy every common peruvian keepsake like a wool sweater or a beautiful necklace. The beauty of this town lies in the details of the stone work. This town is built with smaller stones than you´ll find in Sacsayhuaman, but the precision used to carve out and place the rocks is unbelievable. Another feature of this town are the views you´ll experience while exploring. We will take a lunch break, and after it continues our trip to Ollantaymbo, another charming village in the centre of the valley. This village is a living historical site, the villagers have kept the traditional lifestyle of their forefathers. Exploring this village is like stepping into a live museum, here you´ll see original temples and inca forts. Overnight stay in Urubamba Valley.

Today we´ll start our journey to Machu Picchu. We´ll pass Ollantaytambo and start our hike towards Abra Malaga. We won´t be needing any sleeping bags as we will be sleeping in a hostel the first night. There will be a car following us so we don´t need to worry about carrying our luggage. We´ll start biking once we reach Abra Malaga, this will be a 50km long bike ride. We´ll arrive in a small village by the name of Santa Maria, here we´ll enjoy a well deserved lunch and continue on our adventure after. We´ll end this day with a two hour rafting session down the river. We´ll stay overnight in Santa Maria.

Today will start early in the morning, and we have a whole day of hiking before us. We´ll start our hike towards Santa Teresa. We´ll be hiking some of the original inca trails, through the jungle, and over a river. We´ll stop by some hot springs where we urge you to take a relaxing bath before we continue on our last stretch towards Santa Teresa. We´ll be staying overnight in a hostel.

We´ll kick start this day with some adrenaline in the form of zip-lining in Santa Teresa! This zip-line is 1500meters long, which makes it one of the longest zip-lines in the world! This is a voluntary exercise, and for those that don´t wish to do the zip-line there will be a transport by car. After the zip-line, we´ll eat lunch and then continue on our hike for another 9km on flat terrain to Aguas Caliente, where we´ll stay overnight.

Today we´ll finally reach our destination, Machu Picchu! We´ll hike for about two hours before we reach it, and once we do we´ll have a guided tour around this historical sight. After our tour we´ll catch the train back to Cusco where we´ll stay overnight.

Today is only a half day of planned activities. We´ll go on a tour of Cusco, and sightsee the most known Inca ruins here. After our sightseeing, we´ll have the rest of the day off to do as we wish. Overnight stay in Cusco.

Today we´ll shift gears and travel to explore the peruvian jungle! We´ll fly out from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado where we´ll have a short trip to a boat that will transport us down the Madre Dios river. This boat ride will take two hours, and will end up by the river in charming lodges where we´ll stay overnight. These lodges are simple, but charming, and have a private bathroom in each lodge. After lunch we´ll take a short hike to a pond where we’ll be able to see some exciting species of birds and caimans.

We´ll start a hike after breakfast to Lago apu Victor. Once again we´ll be able to sightsee the exciting wildlife. If we´re lucky, we´ll be able to spot one of the giant otters that reside in this region. After lunch, we´ll have an excursion to an island filled with exciting opportunities to come up close and personal with the wildlife in the peruvian jungle! This island is known for its habitants, there are several different species of monkeys living here. Rest of the day will be spent on an adventure through the jungle, and exploring its wildlife.

Today we´ll paddle through the swamp, where we´ll maybe be able to spot the anaconda! We´ll have a short hike through the jungle to go and see the giant trees. After lunch there will be free time to unwind, either by the pool or in a hammock.

Today is a chill day, we´ll be flying from Puerto Maldonado to Cusco where we´ll have the rest of the day off. Overnight stay in Cusco.

Today we´ll travel from Cusco to Puno. Today will be mostly spent on transport, but fear not! This nine hour bus drive will be filled with excitement and sightseeing! On board we´ll have a guide that will talk us through the sights we´ll see from the bus. After a stop for lunch, we´ll continue our drive, but we´ll stop ever so often to explore some tourist sights along the way. Overnight stay in Puno.

Today’s excursion will be to some of the islands located on the Titicaca sea. The first island we´ll visit is Urus, from where we´ll travel to the island Taquile. This island is known for it´s village that resides at the top of the island. This island is filled with local culture, tekstiles and oral tradition. This is another spot in Peru where it feels like you´ve stepped into a bubble that perfectly preserved the history and culture from hundreds of years ago. We´ll enjoy a wonderful lunch on this island with a view over the Titicaca sea. After this we´ll begin our trip back to Puno, where we´ll stay overnight.

Today we´ll fly back to Lima and we´ll stay here overnight.

Transport from the hotel to the airport. Here´s where we part ways. Thank you for joining us on this amazing adventure!

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